About Us


Welcome to Small Business Agency Cooperative for great health care, simplicity, savings, rich in benefits and freedom. Let’s see how this works and introduce you to the family of SB/A CoOp ERISA compliant Employer Group Health Care Plans.

Today’s health benefits landscape is more challenging than ever before. Companies of all sizes and types, from 1099 contractors up to medium size corporations are making the switch to add affordability, flexibility, and customizable health benefit options for themselves and their employees.

The SB/A CoOp is a Non-Profit “Agency” Cooperative Corporation that does not buy or sell products or services but acts as the “Legal Collective Agent” of all the Cooperative Members to facilitate advantageous contractual relationships for and between the members. The SB/A CoOp may legally “aggregate” self-employed individuals (working 16 hours or more per week) and small and large employers together without becoming a Multiple Employer Welfare Association (MEWA) or acting as a Multiple Employer Trust (MET). ERISA is the Federal Law that sets the standards and regulates approximately 60% of private and public sector industry health care plans.

The Small Business Agency Cooperative Inc. (SB/A CoOp) is a private marketplace where Employers Members can purchase their own Employer partially self-funded ACA qualified and ERISA compliant group health care plans. SB/A CoOp partners with Free Market Administrators LLC., to be the Plan Administrator and legal Third-Party Administrator to secure the monthly premiums into trust accounts, adjudicate claims, pay the providers, and make the explanation of benefits available to providers and employees. Free Market Administrators LLC., contracts with approved service partners such as Serve You Rx prescription pharmacy and the 24/7/365 telemedicine provider 24hr Virtual Clinic.

Free Market Administrators, LLC (FMA) is a privately-owned third-party administrator that specializes in the assembly of products to satisfy the complex world of health care in an ever-changing environment. FMA tailors medical, prescription, dental, and vision plans that are both dynamic and adaptable to meet the needs of our broker/agents and their employer customers. FMA is committed to creating value for its broad client base of both fully insured major medical and self-funded clients. FMA continues to be a critical measure for which they have maintained the highest performance standards within the industry. FMA remains focused on not only exceeding the highest ethical standards in the industry, while upholding the utmost integrity for their clients, but also redefining the way their clients look at the world of health care benefits.

Free Market Administrators LLC., negotiates low provider rates for hospitals, physicians, urgent care centers, and clinics throughout the USA.